Halotherapy Solutions – Improve Lung Health The Natural Way

January 20th, 2021    |   Related To: Private: SOMASU SELECTIVE SOURCING

Managing Director of Somasu Selective Sourcing, Shaliza Baksh Subnaik announced via her company’s Facebook page recently that she was pleased to introduce their latest offering to the region, Halotherapy Solutions Caribbean, the regional distributor of the Halotherapy Solutions line of products for humans and pets.

So just what is Halotherapy? It was originally “discovered” in the 1800s in Eastern Europe when doctors realized that salt miners didn’t suffer nearly as often from respiratory and skin conditions as others in the communities. These doctors then began to “prescribe” visits to the salt mines and at some point the mines even carved out separate areas for this original halotherapy.

Later entrepreneurs built machines to replicate this environment and modern halotherapy was born. Halotherapy Solutions’ equipment was designed in Estonia, one of the original locations for this early halotherapy. Due to Halotherapy’s history much of the research has taken place in Eastern Europe but is now starting to get more attention in other areas of the world such as the United States and Australia. 

You may be thinking that you’ve never heard of Halotherapy before, right? Well, that may be true for a large cross-section of the population. Interestingly, however, most if not all of us grew up with moms or grandmothers ‘prescribing’ salt therapy in its most basic applications. Who remembers being told to gargle with salty warm water for everything from abscesses in the mouth, sore throats and even applying salt to cuts? So this advanced form of salt therapy should come as no surprise for those among us who believe in alternative therapies especially now, when a growing number of individuals are becoming more conscious of the impacts of various drugs and intentionally opting for more holistic options for their bodies.

In a recent interview, Mrs. Subnaik shared, “Halotherapy offers a broad spectrum of solutions for individuals who are challenged with respiratory conditions including but not limited to ailments such as Asthma (adults and children), COPD and Smoker’s Cough in addition to coughs, colds, flus and allergies. The therapeutic benefits for mitigating skin conditions including psoriasis and eczema are also well documented.  We are excited by the broad scope of therapies that our line of products offer. These include far Infrared Therapy as part of our new HaloIR product. Our partner, Clearlight Infrared Sauna, has provided multiple studies on all aspects of far infrared and red light therapy.’ Over the coming weeks and months, we will also be introducing our HaloPet line of products for dogs, cats and horses.” she stated.

Research on halotherapy – recommend resources:

1) The World Halotherapy Association – an independent organization run by Dr Cindy Hollenbeck, who has extensive experience in respiratory diseases as well as natural remedies; and

 2) the Global Wellness Institute, a non-profit organization with a mission to empower wellness worldwide by educating the public and private sectors about preventative health and wellness.

The contact info for Halotherapy Solutions Caribbean – Client Success & Sales Director, Christine D. Francois – 298-0444