HomeWork Design Studio caps Interior Design Award for Trinidad and Tobago from International Property Awards

September 30th, 2020


After months and months of bad news about Covid-19 this, and Covid-19 that, would you like to hear a bit of good news instead?   Or perhaps you’ve already heard our good news? We have been happy to shout about it through our social media accounts recently! Just a couple weeks ago, the UK based company, International Property Awards, recognized HomeWork Design Studio with the Private Residence Interior Design Award for Trinidad and Tobago!  This has certainly brought a silver lining to the dark clouds that seemingly would never blow over these past few months.

The year 2020 is most certainly going to be etched into everyone’s psyche.  People from all walks of life, from every corner of the globe have been affected, and it is undeniable that life has thrown us a curve-ball of epic proportions. My interior design firm, like the vast majority of the companies and services in Trinidad and Tobago, was forced to shut down all our projects for many, many weeks. Before lockdown, the International Property Awards reached out with an invitation to participate in their 2020-2021 award submissions. Honestly, if the wheels of our business were turning as normal, we may not have had the time to concentrate on the submission, but you know, the mandatory stay-at-home call for T&T, did give us some downtime!  Work had recently completed on a private residence we called the “Victoria Villa” and we honestly felt that project had what it would take to stand up against regional, and possibly international submissions as well. So with this extra time on our hands, we documented this project, created a presentation in the form of a beautiful glossy hard-cover book, and sent it off to the awards committee, with nervous excitement.

The International Property Awards were established in 1994, and they celebrate the highest levels of achievement in real estate, development, architecture and interior design in both the residential and commercial sectors.   The awards are split into regions covering Africa, Asia Pacific, Arabia, Canada, the Americas, Europe, UK and the USA.  Entries are submitted and judged by a highly experienced team of over 90 professionals from around the world, and winners represent the finest companies working to the utmost standards on challenging and prestigious projects. 

We are thrilled to have received the recognition on a country level, but our exciting journey for these awards is not yet over … hopefully!  Country winners are currently being short-listed, and if selected, they are given a 5-star status and will again be reviewed, this time on a regional basis.  Trinidad and Tobago falls within the Americas, so in November we will learn if our “Victoria Villa” project has been assigned a 5-star ranking, and if so, we will be judged among all the other country winners in this regional category.  Some pretty exciting stuff, so stay tuned!

As a priority in our designs, we try to contract with local service providers, supplying local products whenever possible.  This latest win is a testament to the level of quality, skill and talent that we have available to us, right here in Trinidad and Tobago.

We have been so happy to celebrate this success, and we offer the biggest thanks and gratitude to our Team Trinidad and Tobago:

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