133 Technical Vocational Instructors &Teachers graduate with 21st-century teaching skills

February 10th, 2020


133 Technical Vocational Instructors &Teachers graduate with 21st-century teaching skills

JAN 31, 2020

With a strong emphasis being placed nationally on Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET), MIC Institute of Technology (MIC-IT) is determined to correct the imbalance regarding academic and non-academic skills and careers. On January 30, 2020, MIC-IT graduated 133 Instructors and Secondary School Teachers from six cohorts, at a ceremony at its Head Office in Macoya.  These graduates are now able to efficiently and effectively implement the Technical Vocational curriculum, improve their student performance, and help students to achieve the value outcomes consistent with the national vision for Trinidad and Tobago.

Speaking at the graduation was the Minister of Education, The Honourable Anthony Garcia, who encouraged all TVET teachers to use MIC-IT’s Programme as a stepping stone for their personal development to enhance their teaching skills. “Since the classroom is continuously evolving, teachers need to be updated in current trends and practices in effective ways of teaching and more importantly, how new generation of students are learning and what they respond to. This programme gives them the specific tools and techniques to become an effective teacher for the 21st century”. Minister Garcia also promised that his Ministry will continue its efforts to ensure that TVITT is recognised, as this was of critical importance for the diversification of the national economy.

Also in attendance, MIC-IT Chairman, Professor Clement Imbert, said that the Technical Vocational Instructor Teacher Training (TVITT) Diploma Programme was strategically developed to accommodate the changing world of teaching and learning and the constant changes in technology. “Since the creation of this programme we’ve had 12 cohorts graduate from various Tech Voc Institutions in Trinidad and Tobago and most recently in St. Maarten”.

Valedictorian Jinnel Rojas-Pierre of the Tobago cohort, Class of 2017/2018 agreed that, “Technical Vocational Education and Training is an area that has not been given its rightful place in our society, as there are those who still think we should only be academically inclined. However, there is a need to encourage, guide and support those who do not desire to become doctors and lawyers. Having undergone this programme, we are now suitably equipped to help build valuable careers and personal skills by allowing our Trainees/Students the opportunity to excel using their God given gifts, and unique talents. Technical Vocational Education and Training is here to stay”.

The TVITT Diploma Programme was established by MIC-IT in 2008 with its primary focus being the provision of andragogical training for the technical vocation instructors of MIC-IT programmes. The Programme has since under gone some changes to include teachers of Secondary Schools and other Technical Vocational Training institutions e.g. NESC & YTEPP. The programme has since been successfully delivered in St Maarten.

Minister Garcia presents Valedictorian Jinnel Rojas-Pierre

Executive Management and TVITT staff of MIC-IT with TVITT Graduates and Minister of Education, The Honourable Anthony Garcia (middle).


TVITT Diploma Graduates_30Jan2020

Minister Garcia presents TVITT Diploma Valedictorian, Jinnel Rojas-Pierre with her Diploma.