A Message From EBB On The Occasion Of World Earth Day 2024

April 17th, 2024

Today in Trinidad and Tobago, the majority of plastic bottles manufactured every year are sent to our landfills, or even worse end up scattered about our environment. The Every Bottle Back TT initiative seeks to change this reality, having launched a major initiative in 2022 to collect and recycle plastic beverage bottles.

On the occasion of World Earth Day 2024, and especially with emphasis on this year’s theme “Planet vs. Plastics”, we take this opportunity to remind the population of our incentivized returns option, in an effort to support our collective vision of cleaner and brighter cities, streets, watercourses and beaches, and the inevitable flooding alleviation and landfill relief which can result from such strides.

Every Bottle Back TT’s focus is on recovering and reusing plastic bottles by educating citizens on the benefits of recycling and providing consistent convenient means to do so. With a major milestone of the collection of 10 million bottles over the last 2 years having been achieved, we look forward to expanding in 2024 and beyond to reach a greater number of our residents/citizens, and therefore count on your further support to help ensure the planet wins more and more each year.

Thank you,
Stuart Cozier
General Manager
Container Recycling Services Limited