AMCHAM Tech Hub Islands Summit (T.H.I.S.) 2023


CATAPULT – Accelerating Digital Transformation

AMCHAM Tech Hub Islands Summit (T.H.I.S.) 2023 CATAPULT - Accelerating Digital Transformation banner
Rey-Anne Paynter-Mendez, Tech Community & Project Officer – AMCHAM T&T, Lorcan Camps – Founder and CEO, Nio Digital, Reyanne Sobers – General Manager Mobile, Digicel Trinidad and Tobago, Abraham Smith – CEO, Digicel, Trinidad and Tobago, Karen Tom Yew-Jardine, General Manager, Group Marketing and Communications, Republic Bank Limited, Nirad Tewarie, CEO AMCHAM T&T, Carina Cockburn – Country Representative Trinidad and Tobago, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Richard Sammy, Vice President, Republic Bank Limited, Zia Paton – Partner and Consulting Leader, PwC, John Outridge – CEO, Trinidad and Tobago International, Finance Centre (TTIFC), Navin Dookeran – CEO, EXIM Bank.

AMCHAM Tech Hub Islands Summit Media Launch 2023 Delivered by Richard Sammy, Executive Vice President, Republic Bank Limited June 1, 2023.

The 2022 Summit left us all enthused at the possibilities for sustained transformation and commitment to the overarching strategic vision and mission of advancing the digital development of Trinidad & Tobago for empowerment, learning, and economic stimulation. 

And our focus has not wavered.

AMCHAM T&T Tech Hub Islands Summit (THIS) 2023 banner
AMCHAM T&T Tech Hub Islands Summit (THIS) 2023 Launch

In fact, today we are just as eager for this year’s Summit which, under the theme “Catapult,” calls on us to set the tone and convey the requisite effort and direction required to really thrust us forward into the digital sphere.

Through this forum we anticipate rich, solution-driven, discussions in pursuit of new tech waves, innovative business trends, and innovative ways to elevate and empower, indeed catapult our digital ecosystem.

In our Keynote address at last year’s Summit, Republic Bank highlighted the five essential components of digital transformation: – people, competition, data, innovation, and value. You will note where people rank on the list.

Any organisational transformation must first be accepted and driven by people. Right mindsets, skills, knowledge, and dedication are critical for success.

As we transition, this year we will further delve into critical areas such as Digital Leadership, Tech Literacy, ESG, Cybersecurity, Data Strategy, FinTechs and exciting trends such as Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT.

Ultimately, this Summit aims to ensure that our people are well informed, not only about why it’s important, but why it’s essential for us to keep up with the rest of the world. It is no secret that the world is now more accessible than ever, and this is due, in no small part to globalization through technology.

We must ensure that we, as a Small Island Developing State, and a Region are properly equipped for the present and future that is centered on technological readiness, capacity, and capability. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the power and relevance of innovation.

And through the support rendered by all stakeholders, including Government, civil society and the private sector, I say Yes, we can!

In closing I’d like to thank and congratulate the Summit organizing committee and AMCHAM on their efforts to boldly champion this initiative, and for our solid partnership over the past few years.

I’d also like to acknowledge our fellow sponsors, Price Waterhouse Coopers, EXIMBANK, the Inter-American Development Bank and Digicel Business for their unwavering commitment.

Republic Bank looks forward to working together with you all to build a progressive and sustainable economic future for our country and our region.

Thank you.

AMCHAM - Tech Hub Islands Summit (T.H.I.S.) 2023 CATAPULT - Accelerating Digital Transformation Ad