ANGOSTURA’S Brands Promoted At Rhum Fest Paris

June 12th, 2024    |   Related To: Angostura Limited

Angostura’s brands were prominently displayed at the Rhum Fest held at Parc Floral de Paris which was held in May. Rhum Fest Paris is an annual trade show which showcases products from around the world, dedicated to celebrating and promoting rum culture. It features a wide range of activities, including tastings, masterclasses, seminars, and presentations by experts in the field of rum production and appreciation.

Angostura Rum paris web banner

This year was the 10th anniversary of the rum festival which saw hundreds of rum producers participating. Many rum and spirits enthusiasts, professionals, journalists and bloggers came out in their numbers to explore and sample our brands including Angostura® Tamboo Spiced Rum, Tribute Distiller’s Cut rum, ANGOSTURA® 7-year-old rum and ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters. Angostura’s brands were presented by our Global Brand Ambassador, Daniyel Jones.

Rhum Fest Paris provided an opportunity for Angostura® to display each of our brands illustrating the unique flavours, distillation techniques, and cultural influences. Connoisseurs and newcomers discovered their new favourites and repeat buyers learnt more about the craft behind their preferred drinks.

Source: June 7, 2024