Ansa Celebrates Nation’s 60th Independence With Dynamic Art Event: Art Reframed Celebrating 60!

September 8th, 2022

Ansa McAl - Art Reframed

On the 30-31st August 2022, ANSA McAl Group of Companies presented ART REFRAMED, Celebrating 60! – its gift to Trinidad and Tobago in commemoration of the island’s 60th Independence anniversary. The two-day launch event was held on the grounds of Tatil Building, Maraval Road (Port of Spain) where the free art exhibit remains on display for public appreciation.

Presented in collaboration with the programme’s Art Curator, Adeline Gregoire, the Public Art Programme serves to highlight some of today’s exemplary national talent in Art and Artmaking to the wider public so they may appreciate the essential elements of art education and its role, in this case, in a country’s patriotic identity.

ART REFRAMED, Celebrating 60! features 23 emerging to mid-career artists from Trinidad and Tobago whose works in the display reflect the main themes of resilience, healing, and regeneration. As the programme’s Exhibition Curator (and a Caribbean Artist herself) Ms. Gregoire hopes to inspire viewers through the large-scale outdoor exhibition. Her approach in assembling the art programme alongside the ANSA McAL team included an academically considered yet imaginatively charged rationale for a cutting-edge digital art experience and printed installations collectively shown under the banner “A Most Resilient Nature”. In total, a number of 30 kid-friendly works were shown, selected from a wide array of media formats that include: Painting, Fine Art, Illustration, Photography, Performance Art, and Digital Art.

Ansa McAl - Art Reframed

“As Trinidad & Tobago, alongside the world’s population, slowly return to normalcy after 2 years of a challenging and traumatic covid-19 pandemic, this Public Art Programme was curated with ideas of Resilience, Community healing and Regeneration, as a way to acknowledge our collective courage and tenacity in these times. A few sub-themes are also present such as: achievements past & present of Trinidad & Tobago, legacies of the Amerindian First peoples in Trinidad & Tobago, Human-Nature Interconnectedness, positive social change, freedom and Sustainable, liberated Futures for the citizens of Trinidad & Tobago.” said Ms. Gregoire.

Ansa McAl - Art Reframed

Since the declaration of Independence in 1962, Trinidad and Tobago’s legacy has been shaped by many world events and incidents of socio-economic upheaval. Yet, despite it all, the resilient nature of the country’s people shines brightest. Nowhere else has this been better captured than in the creative spirit of our contemporary artist community who has ingeniously spotlighted key moments of our history, immortalized our very own icons and trailblazers, and affirmed the hopes and dreams of our collective futures through their compelling works. The range of selected artworks featured in this Public outdoor exhibition will provide an opportunity for everyone to reflect on the many stories of our Independence as it relates to our connection with the wider world.

As we continue our lives post-pandemic, this Public Art Programme seeks to engage every member of the public on the way in which we can positively impact the spaces we inhabit, by using Art in Public Space as a vital and most transformative tool.

Adeline Gregoire is Curator, Artist and Founder, HOT SUN Caribbean Contemporary Art. To view her work visit:

Read more about the Exhibition > A Most Resilient Nature. – Adeline Gregoire