Congratulations to Rajiv Diptee on his re-election as President of the Supermarket’s Association of Trinidad & Tobago

October 22nd, 2020

Mr Rajiv Diptee was re-elected to President’s post by unanimous consensus at the AGM of the Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago which was held virtually on Wednesday 14th October 2020 virtually for the membership.

The term of board of the outgoing executive of 2018-2020 when held to account was met with high praise by its membership in meeting the mandates that it had set out including:

Building public private sector ties through deeper linkages and collaborations with various ministries inclusive of active involvement in the crafting of legislation
widening the pool of its members by adopting an inclusive approach to deepen the depth and breadth of the association;

Adapting its members to more homogenous standardization in terms of HSSE, public health and NIS through a series of workshops both virtual and actual through Zoom platforms and the Arthur Lok Jack School of Business;

Crafting charitable efforts with credible charities as well as crisis relief effort machinery in tandem with DMU’s and NGO’s;

Working closely to provide ad hoc representation for its members to create strong brand equity relatable to its membership;

Retooling the structure of the association to align with its larger strategic framework.

The new board will serve from 2020 to 2022.