Kind Strangers and Silver Linings

June 26th, 2024

Kind Strangers and Silver Linings, Photo 1
(L-R) Sandra Welch-Farrell, CEO of SWF&Co; Keisuke Harada, Senior Manager of Marubeni Power International; Mo Majeed, COO/ Managing Director Caribbean, Marubeni Power International; Sr. Annunciata De Souza, Manager, Christ Child Convalescent; Sr. Sarah Waterman, Principal Corpus Christi College, and Anna Lucie-Smith, General Manager of SWF&Co, at Christ Child Convalescent Home on June 20 2024.

A silver lining to brighten recent grey skies, Marubeni Power International Inc. has donated US$10,000 to Christ Child Convalescent Home in Diego Martin.

“At Marubeni, we have invested in many assets, globally. Around the world, we also seek to enhance the quality of life in the local communities that we serve. We find that there is always a need or a cause to which we can offer our support,” said Mr. Mo Majeed, Chief Operating Officer/Managing Director Caribbean, Marubeni Power International, Inc. “Here in Trinidad & Tobago, we have supported several initiatives focused on children, elderly and education. Today, we are happy to make a donation to Christ Child Convalescent Home in their continued efforts to provide a stable life and a beacon for these kids.”

Kind Strangers and Silver Linings, Photo 2
Marubeni Power International Inc. executives Mo Majeed, COO/Managing Director Caribbean (centre), and Keisuke Harada, Senior Manager, receive a warm welcome to Christ Child Convalescent Home from Sr. Annunciata De Souza, the Home’s Manager, on June 20 2024.

The Home’s manager, Sister Annunciata De Souza of the Corpus Christi Carmelite Sisters, expressed her gratitude stating, “I always have projects earmarked and waiting for funding to come in – the timing was good – because we can finally upgrade to the laundry room and bathrooms.”

Relying on the kindness of strangers to aid in making ends meet, no feat of generosity or volunteerism is considered too small for these children. Residents include ten girls and ten boys between the ages of five and fourteen years old, all receiving round-the-clock care and supervision by dedicated staff.

Sister Annunciata also shared, “We make sure all the money is spent on the children – they are good children, we must give them a chance.” The home caters to children who have been abandoned, abused or sent there through the court system and the Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago.

On Thursday 20 June, Marubeni officials had the opportunity to tour the space and were pleased to see the recent renovations and refurbishments. “We are thankful to the staff for letting us in and allowing us to help in some small way towards the work you do here,” said Majeed.

Kind Strangers and Silver Linings, Photo 3
On 20 June 2024, Sr. Annunciata De Souza, Manager, Christ Child Convalescent (centre left) and Sr. Sarah Waterman led Mo Majeed (on the left) and Keisuke Harada of Marubeni Power International Inc. on a tour of the recent upgrades made to Christ Child Convalescent Home with Marubeni’s donation.

Marubeni Power International Inc. has been a partner of PowerGen in Trinidad and Tobago for over 17 years. Headquartered in Japan, the Marubeni Corporation has offices in 67 countries and employs 45,000 people around the world. The corporation has a diverse portfolio, including but not limited to the power and energy business.

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