Launch of The Roadmap for a Green Hydrogen Economy in Trinidad and Tobago

December 15th, 2022

Launch of The Roadmap for a Green Hydrogen Economy in Trinidad and Tobago

The Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries (MEEI) launched “The Roadmap for a Green Hydrogen Economy in Trinidad and Tobago”which is the summary findings of the Study to “Establish a Green Hydrogen Market in Trinidad and Tobago”.

Over the last year, National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (National Energy), on behalf of the MEEI, collaborated with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and KBR Inc. to assess the potential of Trinidad and Tobago to produce green hydrogen as a major decarbonisation option for the power and industrial sectors.

The summary findings include:

  • the opportunity for Trinidad and Tobago to expand and augment its portfolio of energy products with low carbon products

  • the need and basis for Trinidad and Tobago to invest in the upstream development of the hydrogen value chain, from electrolysis plants to wind turbines, as well as ensuring that the downstream infrastructure for green ammonia and methanol is expanded

  • the identification of offshore wind technologies as the best renewable energy source available in Trinidad and Tobago in the production of green hydrogen. An initial estimate of the potential areas available for offshore development indicates that on average Trinidad and Tobago could access up to 57 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind across fixed and floating technologies. Based on desktop modelling, this equates to 25 GW in average energy output. If all 25 GW of potential energy output from offshore wind was directed to electrolysers, then this would generate approximately 4 Mtpa of green hydrogen, which is more than double the current demand for grey hydrogen (1.7 Mtpa) in the country. This would provide Trinidad and Tobago with the opportunity to decarbonise the existing petrochemical industry and contribute significantly to further GDP growth through additional export potential.

  • the framework for the development of demonstration projects along the entire value chain to test the end-use applications of green hydrogen in Trinidad and Tobago

Minister of Energy and Energy Industries and Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, The Honourable Stuart R. Young, MP, assured the audience that the Government is committed to pursuing Trinidad and Tobago’s decarbonisation efforts beyond the 2030 Paris Agreement targets. He added: “The Government recognises the importance of creating the right enablers through regulations, policies, and incentives, that will support the development of this green hydrogen economy. As such, the MEEI is already working on a draft Hydrogen Policy that will support the findings of this Study.

National Energy’s President, Dr. Vernon Paltoo, reiterated the need for visible and tangible efforts to demonstrate Trinidad and Tobago’s energy transition, stating that “once the detailed Study is completed, National Energy intends to work with the IDB to secure funding for the development of green hydrogen demonstration pilot projects, which we expect to commence in 2023.”
Carina Cockburn, IDB Country Representative for Trinidad and Tobago, emphasized that the IDB will continue to collaborate with Trinidad and Tobago by promoting innovative and transformative energy solutions for the country. In this regard, the Bank sees green hydrogen as a catalyst for lower carbon emissions and creating energy systems that will build a more sustainable and resilient economy.

The electronic version of the study can be found at: The Roadmap for a Green Hydrogen Economy in Trinidad and Tobago.