Medical Associates Hospital Awarded International Accreditation

February 15th, 2023    |   Related To: Medical Associates Hospital

Dr. Aroon Naraynsingh, Medical Director, Medical Associates with Temos Accreditation Award
Medical Director, Dr. Aroon Naraynsingh displays Temos Accreditation Award

On 15 February 2023, Trinidad’s privately-owned Medical Associates Hospital was assessed and found to meet Germany’s Temos International Healthcare Accreditation standards for “quality in medical care” — receiving international accreditation and becoming the only hospital in the Caribbean region to have this certification.

Another division of Medical Associates Hospital to have been awarded international accreditation is the Trinidad & Tobago IVF & Fertility Centre.

Medical Associates Hospital was officially notified of its accreditation status in early March 2023, having completed a five-day accreditation survey conducted by two Temos surveyors.

Temos International Healthcare Accreditation assists hospitals, clinics, and medical travel coordinators find their highest performance levels and to achieve excellence in all aspects of patient management through good governance, transparency, and continuous quality improvement, resulting in the best possible patient care experience.

Temos Accreditation Seal demonstrates to patients, both domestic and international, that Medical Associates Hospital has implemented procedures and policies designed to mitigate risks to medical travel patients, support domestic patient care and enhance the patient experience across each step of the patient journey.

Through Temos’ professional assessment and accreditation seal, it is the mission of Medical Associates Hospital that the hospital is:

• Preferred by patients for safety and quality assurance

• Recommended by patients to their families and friends

• Preferred by physicians for quality work and patient services

• Chosen by payors for their clients

• Appreciated by employees as beneficial for personal professional development.

Medical Associates Hospital is one of the leading private hospitals in the Caribbean, offering local and international patients access to an expert team of doctors, the very latest in medical equipment, and the highest standards of medical care.