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MIC-IT Expands Training in St. Maarten



While the MIC Institute of Technology (MIC-IT) is a household name in Trinidad and Tobago, it has been making an esteemed name for itself in our neighbouring Caribbean countries over the last year.  In August 2018, the National Institute of Professional Advancement (NIPA) in Sint Maarten joined forces with MIC-IT to provide Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) to its nationals. This special initiative was intended to develop the citizens’ construction skills during their ‘recovery and rebuilding’ phase, post-hurricane Irma and Maria. Today, MIC-IT has successfully delivered four (4) training Programmes to over 200 nationals.

With Construction programmes such as ‘Retraining to Rebuilding’ and the K1 Britannia’s ‘Second Chance’ Carpentry course, over 100 nationals successfully completed courses in skill areas such as Carpentry, Electrical Installation, Property Maintenance, Plumbing and Masonry. Also, in an effort to build capacity at the NIPA, the MIC-IT staff delivered an intense customised Technical Vocational Instructor/Teacher Training Diploma Programme for its Instructors.

MIC-IT also provided a professional enhancement programme for NIPA’s Management team, which was aligned to Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) best practices for Technical Vocational entities globally. This Supervisory Management programme for TVET Professionals emanated from a specific request for the development and supervised implementation of evaluative instruments deemed necessary for the institution’s improved management system.

MIC-IT’s training services are now in high demand in St. Maarten with NIPA requesting that more of its programmes and services be conducted till the end of 2020. All its training initiatives have been a success thus far, especially the construction courses, which have stimulated the appetite of Sint Maarten residents for TVET. With expert staff and qualified instructors on the ground there, true professionalism and institutional pride reverberate throughout the island. The creation of this training legacy will surely enhance MIC-IT’s regional footprint as a premier provider of technical vocational education and training.

MIC-IT holds institutional accreditation with the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT); Programme Accreditation with the German Chamber of Crafts and Trades; Centre Accreditation with the American Welding Society (AWS); Programme and Centre Approvals with the National Training Agency (NTA) of Trinidad and Tobago; and Centre and Programme Approvals with City and Guilds of London.

MIC-IT Expands Training in St. Maarten ( Pic 4)

MIC-IT Expands Training in St. Maarten


MIC-IT Expands Training in St. Maarten ( Pic 3)

MIC-IT Expands Training in St. Maarten


MIC-IT Expands Training in St. Maarten ( Pic 2)

MIC-IT Expands Training in St. Maarten


MIC-IT Expands Training in St. Maarten ( Pic 1)

MIC-IT Expands Training in St. Maarten