Mr. John Arnold appointed as Chief Executive Officer

December 2nd, 2020

Mr. John Arnold

The Tobago Festivals Commission Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. John Arnold as Chief Executive Officer with effect from December 01, 2020.

Mr. Arnold is an accomplished professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience in cultural arts, event management, tourism, and entertainment. He holds many certifications including a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management from the University of the West Indies, a Professional Certificate in Event Management from the George Washington University, an Executive M.B.A from the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business, and is currently pursuing his PhD in Cultural Studies at the University of the West Indies.
Mr. Arnold was an integral player in the formulation and development of several local festivals including the Tobago Jazz Experience and the Tobago Blue Food Festival. His involvement in national activities and festivals eventually led to him being awarded the Hummingbird Gold national award for outstanding contribution to culture in Trinidad and Tobago.
At present, Mr. Arnold serves as the Chairman of Music TT and a Director on the Board of Creative TT. He recently relinquished his role as President of the Copyright Music Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (COTT) and has served on many local committees appointed by the Tobago House of Assembly.
Mr. Arnold is optimistic about his appointment and stated ‘Having lived a life around festivals and being part of many of the cultural events on the island, I am grateful for the opportunity to lead this organization and to work with the Board of Directors, the Executive Management team, and stakeholders in ensuring that festival management and execution on the island fulfils the desired benefits to our people, to local business, to cultural confidence and our heritage.’