National Gas Company is pursing the purchase of the Banyan archives

September 28th, 2022

NGC purchase of the Banyan Archives 3

“Today, it is our great privilege to announce that NGC is pursing the purchase of the Banyan archives, and will from here forward, be custodians of this massive vault of Caribbean memory and history.” 

On September 22, 2022, this official announcement was made by NGC’s President Mark Loquan at the launch of the Banyan Retrospective as part of #ttff22.

NGC purchase of the Banyan Archives 1
Mark Loquan, President, National Gas Company (NGC)

Founded in 1974, Banyan Limited is the oldest independent television programme production facility in the Southern Caribbean. Through its work over the past four decades, Banyan has amassed and digitised an invaluable collection of video footage, films, interviews and TV programmes from across the region. With over 1000 hours of irreplaceable motion pictures in this collection, Banyan has immortalised Caribbean events, festivals, performances, personalities, news features and creative compositions of filmmakers and video storytellers. Today, this collection is recognised as the largest digital archive of Caribbean cultural programming in existence.

NGC purchase of the Banyan Archives 4a
Dr. Bruce Paddington, film-maker and founder of Banyan Productions.