National Trust welcomes 4 new members to Council

December 9th, 2020

The National Trust hosted its General Meeting for members on November 25th at which the Council presented the annual review of finance and operations and four new members were selected to serve on the Council.

The meeting was streamed from the soon to be new offices of the National Trust, Mille Fleurs, to a combination of a virtual audience via Zoom, with a smaller number of member observers at the location, with all COVID protocols observed.  Mille Fleurs, a member of the Magnificent 7 on Queen’s Park Savannah, has been identified by the Prime Minister as the new location for the developing National Trust organisation and is presently being completed for the organsiation to mive in fully in early 2021.

Chairman of the National Trust, Margaret McDowall, thanked the members of the Trust and Council for their continued support even in the face of challenges with Covid-19 restrictions. For the year in review Mrs. McDowall noted that the Trust benefitted from collaboration with several local and international agencies including the International National Trust Organisation based in the UK International National Trust Organisations (UK INTO), US International Council on Monuments and Sites (US ICOMOS),  Improving Forest And Protected Area Management (IFPAM), Leiden University of the Netherlands, the University of the West Indies and the University of Vienna. In fact, the National Trust signed a Memorandum of Academic Cooperation with Leiden University which will be assisting with the expansion of knowledge on local archaeological assets. The Trust also continued to offer a growing number of tours and lectures to the wider population and has adjusted these services to meet the requirements of COVID-19 restrictions, offering smaller customised tours and virtual services, moving forward into 2021.

4 new members were also appointed to serve on the National Trust’s governing Council. The Council is made up of persons appointed by the government and persons nominated by National Trust members. From among the members, the four persons nominated and installed for serving on the Council were:

  • Marie Abdulah, a returning council member, noted antiques dealer and former teacher.
  • Mark Franco, registered Architect, past President of the Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Architects, past Chairman of the Board of Architecture of Trinidad and Tobago, Founder of the Council of Presidents of the Environment.
  • Cezanne Chang, a senior Health, Safety and Environment professional with over 14 years’ experience with responsibility for monitoring compliance in the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry.
  • Ryan Mohammed, PhD Environmental Biology, Aquatic Ecology; M-Phil Environmental Biology and Fish Pathology, Secretary for Environmental Research Institute;
    President of the Aquaculture Association of Trinidad and Tobago and part of the team responsible for the recent listing of the Main Ridge as a Heritage Site for Trinidad and Tobago as well as UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere designation for North East Tobago
  • These 4 new members join Mrs. McDowall and the existing appointed Council members:
    • Neisha Ghany, Deputy Chairman, Company Director
    • Candice Ramsaran, Secretary, Attorney-at-law
    • Dominic Romain, Treasurer – Financial Executive
    • Jacqueline Weekes Penco – Ministry of Planning and Development
    • Louis Villian – THA Representative and Tobago Trust

The Chairman invited members of the public and business associations to join the Trust membership and to volunteer their services in heritage protection and conservation.  McDowall commented, “We welcome the support of our national community and international diaspora.  Heritage protection and the advancement of education on same to our youth and wider citizenry is a collective responsibility we share as nationals of our beautiful and diverse country.  New members and supporters are welcome, as we continue to grow as an organisation and position ourselves to deliver the mandate.”


About the National Trust

The National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago was established by Act 11 of 1991 and amended by Act No 31 of 1999. The Trust is established with the following objectives:

  • Identifying built and natural properties and sites of interest
  • Formally listing properties and sites important to our national heritage to prevent destruction or to ensure discussion prior to agreed modification.
  • Making provision for access to and enjoyment of properties of interest by the public
  • Encouraging research and acquiring records of properties of interest and historical artefacts
  • Conducting education and awareness campaigns to ensure general acceptance of the rich and diverse heritage of Trinidad and Tobago

For further information please contact:

Graeme Suite

Email – [email protected]

Phone – 682-0054