NewTown Medical Centre Opens New Woodford Street Location

March 2nd, 2022    |   Related To: Aspire Fund Management Company Limited    |   Related To: KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited

Dr Oti Esimaje and his team.

NewTown Medical Centre officially opens its new Woodford Street location offering customized health care.

NewTown Medical officially opened its new Woodford Street location on Saturday December 4th via live stream and private ceremony, in keeping with environmental restrictions and safety protocols.  The Centre’s mantra “Treating patients better; Making patients better”, is the impetus behind the brand’s integrity and  commitment to the best in medical expertise, the latest in state-of-the-art technology, and affordable private health care.


Aimed at providing healthcare that centers around the patient, the new service will offer highly personalized, convenient and ultra-private care all in one place.  “It has become increasingly clear throughout the pandemic that there is a demand for personalized care,” said Dr. Esimaje, Founder of NewTown Medical. “As our facility expands further, our patients can expect to experience the convenience of all material aspects located in one place. We are hopeful that our service differentiates and exceed expectations, as we continuously look for ways to raise the bar on service excellence and making a difference in health care.”


COVID-19 shaped an environment where Technology further changed the landscape on how we interact. The remote monitoring of patients, including video visits, has become a new standard of care. The lessons learned from this time will invariably bring forward new skills that will benefit patients with both enduring and emergent conditions.


Kerwyn Valley CEO KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited & Managing Director Aspire Fund Management

Kerwyn Valley CEO KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited &
Managing Director Aspire Fund Management

According to  Kerwyn Valley, CEO at KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited,  (the Arranger for financing of the project) “We are thankful to be a part of a new generation of medical innovation  aimed at expanding the most needed of services, that support our citizenry. The number of collaborative opportunities is immense. This is but a small endeavor, yet size will not impede the impact, as we continue to work together to  grow and expand affordable, personalized  health care services that make a difference”.


Liesel Alexander,  Director at Aspire Fund Management remarked, “Practioners will leverage and integrate best practices in governance, research and patient care and become dedicated to innovation to the  benefit of patients”.


Overall, the new center will focus on redefining the patient experience through technology and customized health care.


About NewTown Medical Centre

NewTown Medical Center (NMC) is one of the country’s most advanced medical facilities located at 55 Woodfood Street, Port- of-Spain. Now eleven years in operation, the institution is supported by a highly qualified team of specialist doctors, and medical practioners. With a diverse and comprehensive range of services inclusive of inhouse operating theatre services, and a high focus on preventative health care solutions, health care professionals can administer their vocation with the highest level of competence and professionalism while adhering to the industry’s best practices.


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KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited, has been a fully licensed broker-dealer securities company in T&T since 2004. KCL arranges debt, equity and structured finance solutions for regional SMEs and is recognized as a boutique investment bank focused on the development of T&T and the region’s SME capital market.


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For more information contact the Centre as below:

Newtown Medical Centre

P: 628-8293 or 241-2056