PowerGen Partnerships for the 2024 Cricket Season

February 6th, 2024

Powergen Sponsors the Secondary Schools Cricket League

Powergen sponsors the Secondary Schools Cricket League and has also formalised an historic partnership with the PowerGen Penal Cricket Team for the upcoming 2024 cricket season.

“We are PowerGen Proud to return as sponsor of the SSCL for the 26th year!”

Powergen has renewed their commitment with Secondary Schools Cricket League, marking 26 years that Powergen has sponsored SSCL Competitions. The Secondary Schools’ Cricket League thanks Powergen for their unwavering commitment to the development of our nation’s youth through the avenue of sports.

PowerGen has also formalised Historic Partnership in Cricket for 2024 Season

Powergen Cricket Sponsorships - Penal

On December 7th, 2023, PowerGen solidified its long-standing partnership with the PowerGen Penal Cricket Team for the upcoming 2024 cricket season with an enhanced sponsorship agreement.

On hand for the contract signing was Dr. Haydn I. Furlonge, General Manager of PowerGen, Mr. Roger Pilgrim, President of the PowerGen Penal Sports Club and Mr. Chaitram Ramjitsingh, Manager of the PowerGen Penal Cricket team. Their shared objective is to propel the cricket team to new heights of success while fostering community engagement and talent development.

For nearly thirty (30) years, PowerGen has consistently supported cricket in T&T at various levels, from beginners, schools, communities and the national level. As the 2024 professional season approaches, the team will start the season on a solid footing. Next year will be especially significant, as PowerGen will sponsor its first PowerGen Women Cricket Team competing in the national league.

The PowerGen Penal (Men’s) Cricket Team has a rich legacy of excellence and stands poised to continue on their journey to redefine the boundaries of sportsmanship and performance. The convergence of sponsor-team partnership, talent and determination has laid a solid foundation for the team.

Mr. Chaitram Ramjitsingh, the Manager of the cricket team, exuded confidence in the players’ abilities. He remarked, “We are geared up and ready to take on the challenges ahead. Our players train rigorously all year around, developing their skills and fostering a sense of camaraderie that will be our driving force through the upcoming season.”

Dr. Haydn I. Furlonge, the General Manager of PowerGen, emphasised the Company’s commitment to fostering a culture of sportsmanship and excellence. Dr. Furlonge shared, “We believe in nurturing talent, fostering teamwork and creating an environment where both our male and female athletes thrive.” His sentiments underscore the Company’s holistic approach to sporting endeavours.

As the anticipation builds with the countdown to the 2024 Cricket Season, PowerGen extends its best wishes to the players, coaching staff, team management and everyone involved for a safe and successful season.