Tech AML 2022 “AML In A Digital World”

January 21st, 2022    |   Related To: NEM Leadership Consultants

Tech AML 2022 feature

Digital transformation has impacted on all spheres of business operations, including the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. The use of technology in today’s world has influenced how we work, and more so has propelled the money launderers and perpetrators to develop new ways to commit financial crimes – They are certainly on top of their game! Every day, new methods of financial crimes are being engineered with the aid of technology.

Due to the intensification of digital usage in electronic money flows, coupled with the millions of financial transactions now undertaken, institutions will find it more challenging to implement systems to minimise the ML/TF/PF risk impact on their organisations. The appropriate use of technology can assist with the fight against “modern-day technologically savvy money launderers” to protect and safeguard the international financial system, of which the Caribbean plays an important role.

The ninth edition of Tech AML series will once again be a Caribbean Anti Money Laundering Virtual Conference with the theme “AML…In a Digital World”. Tech AML 2022 will bring technological insights and awareness of AML issues, dynamics, challenges, and solutions in a digitised environment.

Participants from around the Globe will benefit from two days (March 16 – 17th) of a Virtual Experience on how financial institutions and related entities must reconfigure their operating model, develop capacity and enhance capabilities with the use of technological applications to effectively manage compliance risk.


Held Positions:
• Managers
• Secretary/ Treasurer
• Supervisors
• Directors/CEOs/Presidents
• Executives/Vice Presidents
• Compliance Officers (Alternates)
• Risk Officers
• Administrative Personnel
• Accountants
• Attorneys at Law
• Law Enforcement
• IT Personnel
• Auditors /Analyst
• Committee Member
• Human Resource Personnel
• Regulators

Persons in Sectors:
• Credit Unions
• Banking
• Insurance
• Brokers
• Development Banks
• Trust & Mortgage Companies
• Motor Companies
• Securities
• National Lotteries
• Attorney at Law
• Real Estate
• Accountants
• National Security
• Regulators

Persons Responsible for:
• Policy Making
• Risk Management
• Business Development / Sustainability
• Regulatory Compliance
• AML Training
• Reporting and SAR filing
• Law Enforcement
• AML Risk Management
• Customer Due Diligence
• Transaction Monitoring
• AML Audits
• Regulatory Oversight
• Beneficial Ownership


At Tech AML 2022, participants will hear from industry experts on the various topics from North America and the Caribbean.

Some of the international experts who will present at TECH AML 2022:

David McLaughlin
Founder and SVP Head of
Technical Integration for AML RightSource.


Shiva Bissessar
B.Sc. (Hons.), MBA, M.Sc.
Managing Director &
Principal Consultant.


David Schwartz
President and CEO of FIBA
(Florida International
Bankers Association).


Anthony Peyson
ICT Consultant
FRISC Business Services Limited.


Alejandro Mijares
Cybersecurity & Compliance
Risk Advisory Services KAUFMAN ROSSIN.


These experts will present on topics such as:

Some of the enlighten topics at TECH AML 2022 will be:

  1. Approaching KYC & AML/CFT for CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)
  2. Artificial Intelligence and AML
  3. How can technology help manage compliance risk?
  4. Electronic Payment Systems – How safe are they?
  5. Trends in Digital Banking – AML Challenges
  6. Risk Based Assessment – The Use of technology
  7. Cybercrime – The Battle continues!
  8. Regulators Round Table – Digital Currency / Online Transactions The Way Forward For The Caribbean
  9. AML Screening and Transaction Monitoring Solution


For more information on the Caribbean Anti-Money Laundering Event, visit conference website at

or call 1-868- 22-8928