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Tuesday March 10th, 2020, Port of Spain, Trinidad The JMMB Group along with 400 CEO’s globally, is a signatory to the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP) – a joint initiative between UN Women and UN Global Compact. Lisa-Maria Alexander, Chief Marketing Officer of JMMB Trinidad and Tobago (JMMB TT), made this announcement at an International Women’s Day brunch held at The Hyatt Regency Trinidad on Sunday, March 8th 2020. JMMB TT and Jamaican NGO, We Inspire Women; We Inspire Girls, hosted this event that brought together 50 powerful and dynamic women to share stories of sisterhood and the advancement of Women and Girls, as well as to discuss this year’s IWD theme “An Equal World is an Enabled World”

There are seven (7) defined Women Empowerment Principles that support the global agenda of gender equality, gender diversity and inclusion.

1. Establish high-level corporate leadership for gender equality

2. Equal opportunity and non-discrimination

3. Health, safety and freedom from violence

4. Promote education, training and professional development

5. Enterprise, supply chain and marketing development

6. Promote equality through community initiatives and advocacy

7. Transparency, Measurement and Reporting.

“It is The JMMB Group’s commitment, across all of its territories, including Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, to uphold and actively support these principles” stated Ms Alexander. It is with these principles in mind that JMMB launched JMMB Women Inspiration Network (JMMB WIN) across the organization in November of 2019. “Our purpose is to bring together extraordinary women, at all levels of JMMB, with a common passion and purpose to connect and help each other grow”. Our focus will ensure diversity at all JMMB’s Leadership levels and using the leadership within us all to impact our families and our wider community positively Alexander said. ”

The event also introduced We Inspire Women, We Inspire Girls to Trinidad and Tobago. The NGO is supported by JMMB, both in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, and has made quite an impact in the area of women empowerment in Jamaica. We Inspire Women, We Inspire Girls CEO Cortia Bingham McKenzie hopes to bring the same energy and excitement that accounts for hundreds of women attending her workshops and brunch events in Jamaica to Trinidad and Tobago. Speaking at the event on Sunday Ms McKenzie shared her views on how women can ensure a gender-equal world. “We must first build a legacy; we are the ones who lose when we tear down our sisters, so I say lead by example. 2

We shouldn’t say something and not do it. If we say it, then we should mean it. As sisters, we should connect and say something and commit to it for another sister.”

JMMB hopes to continue to move the gender equality mandate forward with partners that also support the cause.

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Lisa-Maria Alexander

JMMB Group – T Trinidad and Tobago Chief Marketing Officer

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