The NGC Group Launches CariGreen website

June 9th, 2021    |   Related To: Private: The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago

The NGC Group Launches CariGreen website

The NGC Group Launches CariGreen website

The 2021 Energy Conference was the launchpad for an innovative website that underscores The NGC

Group’s unrelenting thrust towards sustainability and reinforces its role in driving the Green Agenda conversation as the energy industry, both locally and internationally, ‘reinvents’ itself. Launched by NGC’s President Mark Loquan, CariGreen is a portal that will provide information on available opportunities, planning, energy markets and technology developments within the clean energy space for the Caribbean region.

According to Mr. Loquan, The NGC Group has been exploring the transition to a low carbon and a more sustainable future, taking deliberate steps to build national capability and mindfulness regarding energy efficiency and renewable energy (EE/RE). As part of its Green Agenda, NGC has loosely referred to as a’ Green Energy Information Hub’, to focus on capturing data sets, knowledge and events within the Caribbean region and making this widely available to investors, businesses, government officials and the public.

The website content is divided by project background and partner information; energy transition topics such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, alternative fuels, carbon capture and sequestration; market information which will include research reports, funding agencies/mechanisms and Caribbean country-specific data from CARICOM and non-CARICOM members around energy transition projects and strategies. As the site evolves and as more data becomes available, such as CO2 emissions statistics, content categories will be expanded/added. Thus far, the company has been given permission to include

content from other ‘experts’ in the region including the Economic Commission for Latin America & the Caribbean (ECLAC) and Caribbean Centre for Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency (CCREEE).

Mr. Loquan at the Conference remarked, “CariGreen, we know, will simplify research into Caribbean energy. It is envisioned that management and curation of information for this platform, will help develop our in-house competency and institutional knowledge regarding clean energy topics. Enhancement of expertise will strengthen NGC’s growing reputation and those of its subsidiaries, as leaders in the regional clean energy space, and announce to others that Trinidad and Tobago is making inroads as a sustainable energy powerhouse. “The goal of Carigreen is to raise awareness and understanding around regional clean energy by connecting people with information as we seek to support our 2030 country’s and the region’s goals regarding climate. A more informed public, stakeholders and investors will be the most important outcome, and a huge step forward for the Green Agenda.”