The Securities Dealers Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SDATT) Elects a New Board of Directors

March 7th, 2022    |   Related To: Firstline Securities Limited


Ms. Dalia King President SDATT - First Line Securities

Ms. Dalia King President SDATT

SDATT has announced the election of Ms. Dalia King as its President for the 2021 to 2023 term, alongside Vice President, Mrs. Tiffany Marquez, Treasurer Ms. Candice Cruickshank and Secretary Ms. Lisa Leander Yeates. This represents the Association’s first all-female Executive.


A new Board of Directors has also been appointed comprising of Ms. Trudie Telesford Pierre (Chairman of the Regulatory Committee), Mr. Sarodh Ramkhelawan (Chairman of the Capital Markets Committee), Mr. Gregory Hill, Mr. Alan Sheppard, Mr. Adrian Manmohan, Mr. Osmond Prevatt, Mr. Eric Redhead, Mr. Greg Ferreira, Ms. Tricia Kissoon and Mr. Angus Young.

Incoming President Ms. Dalia King, on behalf of SDATT, expressed sincere gratitude to the outgoing President, Mr. Adrian Manmohan who adeptly helmed the Association at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. SDATT represents 16 active broker-dealer and finance houses all of whom strategically connect investors to businesses and projects, that in turn deploy capital for the greater development of their shareholders, their stakeholders, and by extension our nation and the region.


The Association points out that Trinidad and Tobago’s capital markets are ripe for development with the world bringing to these shores technological advances and emerging asset classes. There is both a client demand for and the securities industry’s willingness to supply wider ranging financial structures and more effective processes. Further, the industry’s brain trust remains among the brightest and the best but must be further bolstered in an environment which encourages market innovation while protecting investors. SDATT recognises that this is not an easy task but is committed to working with regulators and legislators to provide a vigorous yet still fair and efficient capital markets system which is not stymied by bureaucracy.


Ms. King noted that the Board is committed to making SDATT the portal through which local securities businesses are represented and shall continue to give voice to the developmental aims of its membership and in so doing, aid in the first-tier evolution of our country’s capital market through advocacy, collaboration and training.