Unity of purpose in furthering Tobago’s Carnival

April 15th, 2021

John Arnold Executive Chairman

John Arnold – CEO, Tobago Festivals Commission Limited

On Friday, April 9, Tobago Festivals Commission Limited’s, CEO John Arnold met with Creative Executive Kevon McKenna, to discuss the way forward for the new proposed direction for Tobago’s Carnival product. 

Coming out of the meeting, it was determined that a strategic planning exercise will be conducted over the next few months. The consultations will take into consideration opportunities that have been identified within the cultural landscape, key learnings which have emerged out of the current Covid-19 state of affairs, and feedback from pertinent interest groups, industry experts, and other professionals.

Mr. McKenna in collaboration with the TFCL will begin an extensive schedule on Monday, April 12, engaging a wide cross-section of stakeholders to ensure the delivery of a thoroughly researched and well-developed Tobago Carnival product which will include the development of a second Carnival in Tobago, in keeping with the island’s best interest. 

The overall aim is to design a sustainable tourism product that would not only generate revenue for the island but also secure a place for Tobago’s Carnival as a must-attend for Festival enthusiasts, from as early as 2022.

Anyone wishing to provide feedback on this can contact the Tobago Festivals Commission Limited at [email protected] or 639-4441.