Publisher’s Note

By: Richard Lewis  |   September 18th, 2019

Publisher’s Note

Perhaps it’s the dynamic nature of the networking sector in which we exist, maybe it’s simply the passage of time, but it’s amazing that Who’s Who will celebrate its milestone 20th birthday in 2020. As clichéd as it sounds: where did the time go?

When we began, the ever-evolving world of business communication was on the cusp of the global technological explosion that redefined practices and possibilities almost overnight. I’m proud to state that we not only kept pace but also became the frontrunners in the Caribbean region, with a quality-based approach to achieve our clearly defined goals that were intertwined in the creative, culture, investment, business and publication sectors. Quite simply, we have become a premier resource tool in the guise of a business directory that is invaluable to conducting business in Trinidad and Tobago.

We pride ourselves on providing the necessary exposure for up and coming entrepreneurs, along with taking equal pleasure in helping to maintain the status of long-standing brands across the business landscape. Our publications are the connecting thread between both ends of the business spectrum that now exists on myriad platforms: print, digital and mobile friendly. Have we fulfilled the vision that we started? Absolutely. And now we remain a central hub as another exciting era of commercial networking takes place in Trinidad and Tobago.

Shifting income streams and market forces have now determined that the country has to embark upon a major push of diversification, resulting in new industries and modifying existing ones. The change is not just local but global and our publication provides a front-row seat and opportunity, to be a part of the game changer’s trajectory further into the 21st century Caribbean.  It’s part of the beauty of being directly involved in the dynamism of networking and communication.

In almost two decades of producing Who’s Who, we have witnessed so much transformation in the Trinidad and Tobago business world, seen brand names grow from infancy to establishment and enabled our own staff, contributors and affiliates to develop alongside the changes, all in relatively quick time. I look forward to 2020 and our 20th year Anniversary Edition.