Re-inventive Financial Planning – What’s your plan?

By: Dr. Carlana Ramlochansingh  |   September 17th, 2020    |   Related To: Aspire Fund Management Company Limited

As the Covid-19 outbreak began, so did widespread panic purchases. The credit cards, savings and salaries of many were exhausted on stock piling supplies. As prices rose for staple purchases those that were comfortable with the exorbitant spending represented a sector of the population. Others were dependent on salaries to survive month to month. The loss of income and increase in expenses showed us as a people just how unprepared we are for a crisis.

In these uncertain times we know the topic of finances and investing wisely can seem all too unimportant.

While our physical well-being and mental health are clearly paramount, we need to take good care of our financial health as well.

A crisis environment like this reminds us that limiting impulse purchases just can be the ticket to planning for generations.  The simple idea of financial planning can be overwhelming for most of us. As too often people assume, they aren’t capable of creating their own financial plan, let alone realizing their dreams.

Truth be told, you don’t need to be a business tycoon to grow your wealth, you can harness it by buying into real businesses and you can start with small amounts of money that would allow you to facilitate someone else’s talent and grow your own wealth. But here’s the secret!  You have to become an investor.

If that sounds simple enough, what is blocking most individuals from getting started immediately? The limiting belief is that the rules of the game are known only to a sophisticated few and are unavailable to the rest of us but nothing can be further from the truth. The solution starts with understanding a few basic concepts and implementing them day to day in your own life.

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