Resilience and Recovery… The Path Ahead

September 22nd, 2021    |   Related To: The Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT)

Rajiv Diptee - President
Rajiv Diptee – President

As the curtain fell on 2020, many looked toward the coming new year with renewed hope. The sheer trauma that COVID-19 has caused to both society and the individual shook the nation to its proverbial knees. The die that caste essentials from non-essentials with the restrictions that followed could surely be the worse of the pandemic that we ever hoped to experience right? Plus, vaccines were turning the corner with big pharma receiving the stamp of approval from the World Health Organization. A glimmer of hope on the horizon.

Fast forward to June 2021. If anything last year, the average household held onto some modicum of savings as a safety net, the frustration was still nascent not yet plumbing the depths of our sanity while we were still able to ensure collective buy-in to the restrictions.

The deeper a crisis goes, the deeper we are able to measure the elasticity of the attitudes, behaviours and platitudes of the people whom it affects the most. And today we see that as an alarming indication of where we are as a society. It measures the elasticity of our resilience to maintain that which is being asked of us while acknowledging the most ignominious of circumstances in which we find ourselves.

As a people and a culture, the path to recovery is shaped by that desire we inherited from our indigenous forefathers; the desire to craft a better future. While COVID-19 has robbed us of these opportunities, it has not dampened those ambitions. Today’s protagonists have pivoted even before the term was ever coined. COVID-19 has given us a timely reminder that the most basic human values shape us as a people as we trudge the road to recovery. May we extol such virtues as we seek to exit this pandemic.