Samson Acevero – Modelling dialysis through quality care and innovation.

December 13th, 2021

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Samson Acevero, Founder and Facilities Manager at Purivo Dialysis Centre Limited
Samson Acecero
Founder and Facilities

Every leader dreams of their success. Some may go abroad to learn and prosper. Others may acquire the training, come back, and serve the community that inspired their ambition. While most people will choose the former, Samson Acevero, Founder and Facilities Manager at Purivo Dialysis Centre Limited, did not. He answered his calling to serve by establishing Trinidad and Tobago’s premier hemodialysis centre.

After 11 years of practice as a critical care nurse in the United States, Samson Acevero returned to his beloved home country to inspire quality healthcare through dignified service. He noticed the epidemic spread of kidney disease leading to high mortality among citizens. Although kidney disease is critical, Acevero knew that persons could live long and well with high-quality dialysis treatment. Hence, he was determined to establish a model dialysis clinic providing best-in-class medical care.

In June 2016, he opened the doors of his first clinic in Chaguanas. The facility provides clients access to state-of-the-art treatment technology, highly trained nurses, and a nephrologist, a dietitian, and a pharmacist. Leading with innovation, this centre was the first in Trinidad to introduce nocturnal dialysis – a type of treatment known to improve patient outcomes.

While many persons on dialysis in this country receive treatment at facilities stipulated by the Government-assisted programme, Acevero believes that “no person should have to compromise quality healthcare because of their inability to pay.” He partners with health insurance companies to offer cost assistance to clients who desire the safety and comfort of treatment at a private facility.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Acevero opened a second centre in Piarco. When asked about the risk associated with this venture, he responded, “I knew it was important for persons receiving dialysis to avoid hospitals at this time, so I opened a facility to accommodate them.” 

Under Mr Acevero’s leadership, Purivo Dialysis Centre Limited continues to be the number one choice for dialysis in Trinidad and Tobago.

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