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By: Pro  |   April 9th, 2024    |   Related To: Broadview Surveillance Systems

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Marcus Tewari - Director of Broadview Surveillance Systems

Marcus Tewari
Director of Broadview Surveillance Systems

The impacts and costs of crime are seen and felt everywhere. But some approaches can begin to turn the tide.

Director of Broadview Surveillance Systems Marcus Tewari sees the reality of our national insecurity daily. “The need for greater security and secure property development and management is evident daily here,” he points out. “The ‘Broken Windows’ theory is at play in every corner of the country,” he adds. But he highlights some measures on the horizon at the State level that can pair well with personal advice for the average citizen.

Technology first

“Technology is currently an excellent avenue for secure property development (SPD) for those who can afford it. If technology like smart locks, smart controllers, and smart alarm systems can be made more affordable, it can support the way forward in SPD and really impact the attractive influence of a person’s real estate. But as the cost of living rises, this type of technology will remain a back-burner item for the most,” Tewari notes.

Still, Tewari constantly urges his clients to invest in adequate security and networking systems. “Go beyond simply setting up camera systems with DVRs that can be removed,” he urges. “Cloud and remote-based systems are better but remember to mix the traditional with the innovative – have an emergency plan, secure your property and assets with reinforced doors and windows, and be vigilant too,” he adds.

Legislation next

“Recently, there have been discussions by Cabinet and the Minister of National Security on the Private Security Bill, which is expected to expand the number of persons available to protect and serve. This will strengthen the platform of the state protective services,” he highlights. He believes that the public sector needs to improve its Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) implementations, too.

International co-operation

A key area in deterring crime would be to secure our borders and limit the flow of illegal firearms into the country. In July 2022, nine law enforcement and protective services officials received training to help combat drug trafficking on the trans-Atlantic cocaine route. The nine officers are attached to various protective services units in T&T and benefitted from a five-day workshop delivered by Benoit Verniquet of the French Customs/Coastguard, who also is the Deputy Coordinator for the Seaport Cooperation Project (SEACOP) in the Caribbean, and Christian Stafrace of the Malta Defence Forces. The project was supported by the European Union and SEACOP.

“Once the protective services of T&T are giving the support necessary to its citizens, they will be encouraged to invest in technology of their own to secure their assets. Once it’s proven a few times, that should lead to a domino effect in reducing crime. This is all it takes to encourage secure growth,” Tewari says.

Combined, technology, legislative and co-operative measures, and improved response and detection rates by the T&T Police Service can improve our outlook into 2023 and beyond.

Article by: Kieran Andrew Khan