Shaping Our Future

March 27th, 2024    |   Related To: Prestige Business Publications Ltd.

Richard Lewis, Chairman Prestige Business Publications Limited

Richard Lewis,
Prestige Business Publications Limited.

In this issue of ‘Who’s Who in Trinidad & Tobago Business,’ we explore the future of business. What is shaping our future? What are the trends, predictions, and insights propelling sectoral growth and development?

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the importance of embracing emerging technologies stands out. From artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and blockchain technology to the Internet of Things – they are all driving greater sectoral efficiency, reducing costs, and improving customer experiences.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles are also driving change. It is our responsibility to play a significant role in taking care of the planet we live and work on. As professionals and businesses, we have a duty to our current and future sustainability; to achieve this, we need unwavering commitment to sustainability via the goals of people, planet, and prosperity. The outcome will be the realisation of ESG sustainability on a national and regional scale.

The ‘Who’s Who in Trinidad & Tobago Business’ family of companies and professionals can be the conduit for creating and implementing these ideas and solutions for Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean. If this collective can collaborate around imagining and understanding our future and tackle the changes required in education, in how we build businesses, in how we lead and communicate while focusing on priorities in governance, technology, and sustainability, this will impact and help solve our social, economic, and political challenges.

Globally and regionally, it’s almost impossible to impact our future outside of our immediate environment in T&T, but that should not be an excuse for not tackling the things that we can change. If we can agree on what our future should look like and include some basic guidelines around the UN sustainable development goals, we can then create ownership to get to that desired state.

Eighty per cent of the people featured in this publication understand the concepts of ownership, accountability, and the aggregate strength around team sourcing of ideas.

Therefore, the first word in our theme, ‘SHAPING the Future’, comes into play, and this is why we need to employ, through business associations, universities, and government planning agencies, a properly constructed national think tank dedicated to taking ideas from conception to real-world application and implementation. These ideations can be the result of brainstorming sessions, online forums, seminars, and surveys. The key to success will be diversity, equity, inclusion, funding, and crowdsourcing by genuine supporters at all levels of society to secure positive change.

Those who will be the future must be the drivers of this idea.

We have conducted some incredible interviews with the Who’s Who of government, the private sector, academia, and civil society, and the invaluable insights they have been able to contribute are the cornerstones of this publication’s opening pages, and for that, I thank all the interviewees and contributors.

I must also mention that we have welcomed to the extended family of the ‘Who’s Who in Trinidad & Tobago Business’, the ‘Who’s Who in Guyana Business’ and ‘Who’s Who in Suriname Business’. These publications are growing exponentially through the dedication and hard work of Vishnu Doerga and this team, who have seen success after success from their efforts.

Thanks also to those who have once again invested in being present on the pages of this publication. Thank you for being part of this wonderful Who’s Who in Business community that we have created over the years. Congratulations on your continued success in business and showcasing the people responsible for your success.

Finally, I wish to thank the incredible group of dedicated employees and suppliers who work at the top of their game each year to create a better product than that of the prior year; these are the ‘SHAPERS’ who will ensure that we are still the number one rated local networking resource in the future.