SporTT and NAMDEVCO formalised agreement for Farmers’ Markets

October 16th, 2020    |   Related To: NAMDEVCO

SporTT and NAMDEVCO have formalised an agreement to expand locations for Farmers’ Markets and provide nutrition advice and local food ‘fuel’ sustenance for athletes and by extension the nation.

Speaking at the signing event, Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, Hon. Clarence Rambharat noted that, “we eat for fuel and putting NAMDEVCO and SporTT to work together will ensure that persons know what fuel they need for their body especially when it comes to controlling Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases.”

The agreement will see in part, providing of access to suitable SporTT locations for NAMDEVCO Farmers’ Markets and collaboration with SporTT’s Elite Development Unit to develop meal plans for athletes using strictly local foods, by season and available at Farmers’ Markets.

SporTT Chairman Douglas Camacho is of the firm opinion that, “this partnership is off the mainstream as it comes and demonstrates the creativity of T&T especially in times when change is mandatory to survive a pandemic.”