Telecoms Insights: Think Global

January 13th, 2024

By Jeanette G. Awai

Keenan Singh, CEO, Air Link Communications

Keenan Singh
Chief Executive Officer
Air Link Communications

CEO of Air Link Communications, Keenan Singh, first considered the challenge of how to meet the telecoms needs of rural Princes Town – an area that has been severely underserved for decades. “Air Link was initially founded because the members of my community did not have access to telecommunications services. We started the business with one satellite dish, and this has since expanded to a data centre. We can access data centre infrastructure abroad as a host for IP (Internet Protocol) services from Trinidad to Miami. This has allowed us to expand further and provide a higher quality of service.” Singh believes that IT companies can scale up by tapping global resources to serve local needs.

The Cloud advantage 

“Before this, we had to develop applications to manage data; now, everyone can use the cloud. Small businesses may think they can’t compete with the big guys. However, you can leverage the same tech that Microsoft and Google use daily,” Singh notes. Cloud computing allows micro-, small, and large businesses to use remote data servers on the internet to store, manage and access their data versus employing an internal local server, thus saving time, increasing efficiency, and minimising costs. Using the cloud is effortless, and there’s an explosion of options to choose from on the market.

The evolution of 5G

“5G is a moon-landing moment for tech. The number of persons using the internet increased because people were using the internet for the IoT (Internet of Things). Therefore, bandwidth had to also increase, and the technology advanced at an incredible pace.” Singh says. “5G is the ultimate upgrade in productivity, speed, and quality for all businesses across all sectors, from healthcare to security. The possibilities are endless.” 

Keeping data safe 

Data is the lifeblood of any organisation, and Singh is a strong advocate for telecom businesses having good cybersecurity practices. “Your digital space is just as important as your physical space, and a cyberattack can erase your digital presence in minutes, resulting in lost revenue and opportunities. Businesses must be vigilant at all times.”

By leveraging telecoms trends and adapting to meet the unique demands of the Trinidad and Tobago market, Singh believes businesses will be better able to chart their future.