October 15th, 2020    |   Related To: Private: Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA)

The TTMA officially welcomes all to the 21st Installment of the Trade and Investment Convention, TIC 2020-Breaking Boundaries- The New Normal for Business. Due to the unfolding of the effects surrounding the pandemic COVID-19 locally, regionally and internationally, the need and idea for a virtual platform was conceptualized to enable businesses to trade and operate.

The new virtual format for TIC 2020 is an interactive immersive experience, and will take the form of a virtual exhibitor hall, which is modelled after the actual walkthrough of a physical show. Buyers, consumers and fellow exhibitors can log in to the platform and navigate an interactive floor plan with interactive exhibitor and buyer capabilities. Buyers/Visitors will be able to click specific prompter icons which will show them different marketing features of the business in question with access to live chats, meeting facilities, giveaways and sales. The virtual platform allows for pre-scheduled B2B meetings, Webinars and an e-Marketplace, where products and services can be transacted, along with the redemption of giveaways and specials. The advantages of a virtual TIC are numerous, including saving money on travel expenses as well as physical exhibit displays and increased exposure.

The Trade and Investment Convention is known to be an invaluable contributor to economic stimulation and growth in the business community in Trinidad and Tobago and by extension, to other participants promoting and showcasing their products from over 40 countries throughout the region and international territories for the last two decades. This virtual format, the first of its kind in the region, is expected to reap similar benefits.

The benefits to you as a TIC 2020 participant:

  • Networking with industry leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Exhibiting your products and services
  • Meeting with unlimited buyers and consumers from local, regional and international markets
  • Engaging in Business to Business Meetings with potential partners and investors
  • Participating in Business Education Webinars

From October 28th-30th, we intend to Break Boundaries with the introduction to the New Normal for Business, towards enabling growth in your respective industry in local and international markets. Visit www.tic.com/tic for more information.