Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Message

November 16th, 2023

The Honourable Farley Chavez Augustine, Chief Secretary and Secretary for Finance, Trade and the Economy, Tobago House of Assembly (THA)
The Honourable Farley Chavez Augustine, Chief Secretary and Secretary for Finance, Trade and the Economy, Tobago House of Assembly (THA)

Tobago is at an inflexion point, where its potential is actively being transformed into power. This is a critical time for us, as we challenge limits, both constitutionally and mentally, while doing the groundwork to competitively position ourselves for the future. You are witnessing firsthand Tobago’s reintroduction to the wider world, from a once timid island, to one now unafraid of attaining greatness.

Ensuring that Tobago self-actualises demands the strategic and urgent strengthening of our  government institutions. While this will be no easy feat, it must be prioritised in order to deliver a more efficient brand of governance to Tobagonians, as well as improved economic growth. This Administration firmly acknowledges, that our institutions are vital players in the development equation. And therefore, institutional strengthening is an imperative across our land, with the reformation of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) being chief among them.

A more empowered Assembly with greater agility to execute its mandate, means more empowered communities, a more empowered island — a Tobago that can better contribute as an equal national partner. It is for this reason, it must be reiterated that Tobago’s development is essentially national development.

Additionally, improvements to the THA will include a significant push to digitise its operations. Tobago absolutely cannot be left behind, as the world continues to race towards a digital future. We must get onboard the digital revolution, and the THA has to be an exemplary body in this regard. In fiscal 2024, the first phase of an e-government platform, MY-THA, will consolidate various government services into a safe and singular digital space. This digital hub will be a game-changer allowing the Tobagonian diaspora, persons with limited mobility, or simply those who enjoy convenience, to easily access business development loans, housing applications, social assistance, and so much more.

Another priority area is the capacity building of our human capital. Here, the inherited Tobago Public Service Academy (TPSA) will be leveraged, to retrain our workforce to confidently be 21st century ready and savvy.

It is evident that Tobago is getting ready to greet the future, so keep your eyes peeled to this little island!

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