Tobago Rocks shipped to SVG

July 22nd, 2020

Stockpiling of Material

July 10 marked another historic milestone for the Studley Park Enterprise Limited (SPEL), as a barge load containing 5000MT of aggregate left the Barbados Bay Jetty, Tobago for St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

SVG is the second Caribbean territory to import the commodity from the Studley Park Quarry; SPEL launched regional export to Guyana in January 2020. This is the first of several shipments to satisfy the demand for the aggregate produced by SPEL. It forms a part of the Company’s strategic plan to expand the trade networks by exploring markets within the region that are actively pursuing infrastructure development and construction.

This commercial arrangement will provide further injections to the country’s foreign exchange reserves. Within the coming months, SPEL has plans to break through to other Caribbean nations as it continues to work its strategic marketing plan.

The Studley Park Enterprise Limited remains committed to being “widely known as the premier producer of hard rock aggregate in the Caribbean area”, thereby advancing Tobago as a major player in the construction industry regionally. 

Barge shipment via the Trinity barge
On deck view of the loading
Aerial view of barge loading