Trinidad Hotels, Restaurants, and Tourism Association (THRTA) Message

February 21st, 2024

Hassel Thom, President, THRTA message
Hassel Thom – President, Trinidad Hotels, Restaurants, and Tourism Association (THRTA)

The Trinidad Hotels, Restaurants, and Tourism Association (THRTA), the largest private sector tourism body in Trinidad, is delighted to once again be featured in this year’s prestigious ‘Who’s Who in Trinidad & Tobago Business’ publication.

As the THRTA continues its dedication to advocating for industry stakeholders, both positively and negatively affecting the tourism-centric trading landscape for over half a century, it represents a diverse membership, including recognised locally owned independent hotels, guesthouses, international chains, restaurants, transport and tour operators, and various businesses providing goods and services to the tourism sector.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the most disruptive event to our tourism value proposition in the past three generations. Understanding this challenge, the THRTA recognises the importance of collaborating with public and private sector partners to restore some level of normalcy to the trading environment, even with limited resources. It aims to achieve this through advocacy, industry representation, strategic collaborations, networking, research, data acquisition, and exploring new revenue generation opportunities for short-term survival.

The THRTA is well aware that the post-pandemic era demands seizing opportunities beyond traditional sources. This approach ensures that every aspect of Trinidad’s tourism value chain prioritises the collective interest of the destination over self-interest. By adhering rigorously to health and safety best practices and monitoring them closely, the Association aims to boost confidence among all travellers to Destination Trinidad.

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