Trinidadian Global Scientist tells his story

February 18th, 2020

We love to see when a Trini – one of us – becomes a key player on the global stage.

Coming out of a life of modest economic means accompanied by exposure to crime in his extended family, Nick Fuller pursued his science education, eventually attaining a PhD at an Ivy League University and becoming a master inventor at a global technology company. At present, he leads a global portfolio for IBM out of their New York office. He has shared the details of his life story in an autobiography entitled Struggle and Progress, newly released in Trinidad and Tobago.

In terms of career achievement, Dr. Nick Fuller is Director of the Global Hybrid Cloud Services organization at IBM Research. In this role, Nick leads a global team responsible for providing cloud and AI-based innovation for multiple IBM business units.

Nick obtained his Advanced Level Certificate in 1992 from Fatima College, Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Math in 1997 from Morehouse College and his PhD in Applied Physics in 2002 from Columbia University. Since joining IBM Research, he has held multiple technical and leadership roles. Some notable achievements during this time include delivery of Artificial Intelligence-based technologies for Information Technology Service Management, AI-based innovation for customer IT support and advanced microprocessor technologies for computing systems and clients.

In addition, Nick is an IBM Master Inventor, is the holder of over 65 patents, and has co-authored over 80 technical publications. He lives in Long Island, New York with his wife and two sons and in his spare time loves playing football (still a “ball piong”), listening to music and writing. 

Dr Nick Fuller - Struggle and Progress Cover

Nick’s life story, Struggle and Progress, enables the reader to share in the aspirations of a youth with dreams and ambitions that far surpass his circumstances. The memoir details his struggle to early adulthood, grappling with the absence of his biological father and crime in the extended family. This was coupled with reaching for and achieving lifelong progress in his career and personal development. He does this by combining his passion for science and discovery with the tangible support he received from his hardworking mother who believed in him. The reader also meets other pivotal role models and peers in Nick’s life.

This book is suitable for those who dream of a better tomorrow and are prepared to work hard to achieve it. It is rich reading for technologists, budding engineers, believers in education and other ambitious men, women and youth. Struggle and Progress is a testimony to overcoming personal pain and using everything you can as fuel for gaining what you really want to achieve in life. If you think that being from two small islands makes you a small player in the big scheme of things, this book will introduce you to one Trinbagonian who has made a global impact in his sphere. Struggle and Progress by Dr. Nick Fuller is now available in all RIK bookstores nationwide, online at Amazon and is coming soon to other bookstores near you.