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July 25th, 2022

Monterrey, where progress pulsates

Visit Mexico | Monterrey, where progress pulsates article

We invite you to get to know Monterrey, the second largest metropolitan area in Mexico, it is a cosmopolitan city characterized by its pulsating business life, but which offers tourists a wide range of attractions that will make your trip an unforgettable visit.

Paseo Santa Lucía with a river where you can navigate and have magnificent restaurants at your disposal, together with the imposing Fundidora Park, a green space in the heart of the city, an example of entrepreneurship and urban dignity; the Macroplaza, a large space of connected malls, where the impressive Museum of Contemporary Art and the tower of the Lighthouse of Commerce which emits a spectacular green laser, are located; unrivaled is the dynamic nightlife in which fun is guaranteed; being a city surrounded by mountains, ecotourism is one of its attractions.

Cerro de la Silla is the symbol of this sensational city, which is connected by air with Miami, Panama, Mexico City, Houston, Cancun, among many other destinations.

Monterrey is one of the soccer capitals of Mexico, proof of this is the recent inauguration of one of the most modern stadiums in the entire continent: the BBVA Stadium, venue for the recently held Concacaf Women’s Championship, July 4 to 18, in which 8 teams – including Trinidad and Tobago played for two places at the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

Don’t forget, Monterrey awaits you!

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