‘Who’s Who’ – Profiles in Leadership

March 23rd, 2022

Richard Ramrekha - Leadership Profile

Richard Ramrekha

Richard Ramrekha founded Lab Medica Services in 1995 and later Lab Medica Group of Companies, a forerunner in the private medical services industry within Trinidad and Tobago.  Learn more…

Lara Quentrall-Thomas - Leadership Profile

Lara Quentrall-Thomas, MBA.

Lara Quentrall-Thomas, MBA. Chairman and Founder of Regency Recruitment and Resources Limited, Lara came back to Trinidad from her native UK in 1996 and embarked on what may be her most widely known portfolio. Learn more… 

Gabrielle Agostini - Leadership Profile

Gabrielle Agostini

Gabrielle Agostini alongside the CGA team started rebranding existing soaps, margarines and oils in the CGA range before expanding into infused coconut cooking oils under the Constance Estate label. 
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Samson Acevero - Leadership Profile

Samson Acevero

Samson Acevero, Founder and Facilities Manager at Purivo Dialysis Centre Limited answered his calling to serve by establishing Trinidad and Tobago’s premier hemodialysis centre. Learn more…

Rachel Renie and David Thomas – Founders of D’Market Movers

Rachel Renie and
David Thomas

Both Rachel Renie and David Thomas have always been passionate about local food. “Our business is centred on health and convenience, and our mission – to make the freshest, healthiest ingredients readily available to our customers by delivering directly to their doorsteps.”
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