Why Every Organization Should Invest in Leadership Development This Year

January 17th, 2022

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It is more important than ever for organizations to invest in leadership development in 2022. The challenges of a global pandemic have escalated the need for stronger leaders in every industry. As markets are disrupted and business operations evolve quickly, leaders need to be skilled in change management, driving results, negotiation, innovation, and building effective teams. In addition, organizations must prioritize the development of their employees to attract and retain talent.

The Great Resignation Is Just Beginning
A Recent Korn Ferry Survey shows that 55% of professionals believe employee turnover will increase in 2022, and 31% say they would leave their job even if they didn’t have another one lined up. Companies must crack a tight labor market by increasing salaries and offering attractive benefits. Investing in an ongoing leadership development program can attract new talent and retain existing managers while improving their skillset and performance. This is increasingly important as Boomers move into retirement, leaving a gap in senior leadership.

Leaders Must Focus on Connecting With Others
Connecting with others has become increasingly difficult throughout the pandemic. As more business gets done virtually, many leaders struggle to keep teams feeling connected. Leadership development can give managers the tools they need to bring teams together, communicate more effectively, and motivate employees.

Investing in Leadership Development Will Boost Creativity
Organizations must be more innovative than ever to remain competitive in a rapidly changing world. Companies that encourage creativity in their employees ”are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their peers in revenue growth.” Leadership development programs, incentives for learning new skills and building effective teams can all boost creative thought within an organization.

Emotional Intelligence is Needed More Than Ever
Emotional Intelligence is the soft skill that is increasingly sought after in organizations across industries. The ability to perceive and understand emotions in yourself and others is vital to success in today’s business environment. It is key to employee retention, customer relations, sales team performance and diversity and inclusion efforts. Choosing to invest in a leadership development program that includes building emotional intelligence skills will help any leader improve team performance.

Invest in Leadership Development for Long Term Success
Organizations that invest in leadership development are better at placing the right people in the right roles, which increases productivity, innovation and employee retention. Make sure your leaders are prepared for the challenges of the years to come by investing in a leadership development program in 2022.

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